MotoGP™ Technology 3rd edition by Neil Spalding | Available to order now

Available to order now

About the book

Neil tells the inside story of the bikes in the MotoGP pit lane, providing new insight into the design of these racing motorcycles, including:

  • A fully illustrated review of all the point scoring bikes of the last decade.
  • An analysis of all the different factors affecting the design of a racing motorcycle.
  • The technologies and skills they have had to master including:
  • Chassis developments, including the science of chassis flex.
  • Aerodynamic changes and the various designs of wings in use.
  • The design and development of seamless shift gearboxes.
  • Easy-to-follow graphs and tables showing the science of machine development at the summit of motorcycle sport.

Containing over 320 pages and 650 superb colour photographs and illustrations, most from Neil’s own unique archive, this book provides a fascinating insight into how the motorcycle factories compete at the very top of the game. The book now being sold is the 2019 reprint containing full details of all the bikes and technologies up to the end of that season.

"This book is a milestone in helping people to better understand how racing motorcycles work ... If this book had been around when I started in MotoGP, it would have saved me a lot of time and stress. Not to mention arguments!"
Tom O'Kane. Senior MotoGP™ engineer

"I've worked my way through the book. Great bit of work; great pics and layout too. That's a LOT of info........!!!"
Pierre Terblanche. Freelance Motorcycle Designer

"I love the tuning fork bike and the simple way you describe things. This book should be required reading for young and aspiring engineers."
Alan Nicholls. Dunlop Motorsport (Motorcycles) engineer (Retd).

"Been reading your book, started with the fundamentals section, very interesting and well written in the way you have split the bike into sections. Works for technical people and laymen as well."
Peter Taylor. Motorcycle Chassis Project Engineer.

Available to order now

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